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Harold Reynolds Disputes "Harold Reynolds Spring Break Story"

Yesterday we published a somewhat ridiculous Spring Break story from a reader named Kevin that featured an odd cameo from MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds. Shockingly, Reynolds claims the story is bogus.


Reynolds reached out to us through MLB's public relations department to dispute Kevin's fantastical tale:

Just wanted to get in touch about this Spring Break post. Per Harold Reynolds, none of the slapstick Kevin described happened. Harold didn't stay at a Days Inn during his work with ESPN, the incident described didn't happen and (this was actually the part he cared the most about), he doesn't curse.

Kevin, on the other hand, is standing by his story:

It absolutely did happen - it wasn't at the Days Inn, that's where we were staying - it was at the BoardWalk in actual Disney World. And if I still stayed in touch with those girls they could corroborate, and provide Harold's cell phone number because he continued to call them when we got back to school......


Yikes. I guess we'll have to send Harold Reynolds a copy of "Rules Of The Game," too. It's only fair.

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