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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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So Sydney Leathers has now done a solo porno and one with a dude.

Do you think Anthony Weiner has looked at the video and/or beaten off to it?


Yep! And I do believe that Ms. Leathers has set a new record for Time Elapsed From Sudden Infamy To A Porn Career. That only took a matter of weeks. Hopefully, in the future, women will become famous and sink to doing hardcore porn all in one day. We're getting much more efficient at exploiting our talentless celebrities.

By the way, I find it amazing that Weiner has gotten into all this trouble and he didn't even get to have actual, human-on-human sex with his texting buddy. If you're gonna ruin your marriage and suffer from endless public humiliation (though it appears that Weiner is distinctly lacking in anything resembling shame), you may as well get your rocks off in the process. He's stupid on so many levels.


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Image by Jim Cooke, source photos via AP/Shutterstock

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