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Photo: Alexei Nikolsky (AP)

Nothing lasts forever, not even the reign of hockey star Vladimir Putin, known worldwide as one of the great goalscorers of our generation. Putin, who is also the president of Russia, has cleaned up in an annual “Legends of Hockey” game for years, and the scouting report on him is simple: the dude can fill it up. He’s been doing it for years.

Sadly, Putin’s age seems to be catching up with him. After scoring only eight goals in the 2016 game, and just seven last year, Putin managed a measly five goals in his team’s 12-7 win this year. Pitiful. Last year he gave an interview about the firing of James Comey while still in hockey gear, and this year he couldn’t even get to a half-dozen.

Hopefully this beloved star can return to form next year.


Staff writer, Deadspin

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