Have we, as a society, moved past the need for wallets?

Ernie Johnson goofs on Charles Barkley for toting around something I thought we all still carried

Are wallets a thing of the past?
Are wallets a thing of the past?
Image: AP

Everyone has a wallet… right? Well, apparently not.

We’ve got more weirdness on the occasionally bizarre TV show, Inside the NBA. Sorry, no snakes this time.


Apparently, Charles Barkley lost his wallet at a Chipotle and some guy named Matt picked it up. He contacted TNT and returned the item to Sir Charles. That’s nice, Matt. Good for you. It must’ve been cool to get a shout-out on national TV, too.

But what was supposed to be a quick mention turned into a discussion on how nobody has a wallet anymore. Which is just not true… Right?

“You still carry a wallet?” Inside host Ernie Johnson asked.

“Yeah,” Barkley responded. (Obviously).

“Are you like the only person in the world who still carries a wallet?” Johnson pressed.

“Ernie, why you have to ruin my story?” the TNT analyst quipped.

“The only person in the world who still carries a wallet.” Huh? I know we can pay with our phones, some people seem to like cryptocurrency, and a ton of transactions are now digital… but who doesn’t carry a wallet? Am I an outlier now? Where else am I going to put my drivers license, credit card, and that Starbucks gift card I got years ago but always forget to use? And don’t say “the back of your phone.” I’m not interested in carrying around a brick in my pants.


The wallet also can hold your transportation card, coupons, and all the other things that fit perfectly in your pocket. Like, you know, cash. The one thing it can’t hold, though, is that important piece of paper you hopefully received in the past few months that’s just a little too big. You suck, vaccination card.

But I guess the folks on Inside see no need for wallets anymore. Maybe you don’t, either.


“Wait, nobody carries a wallet but me?” Barkley wondered right before TNT cut to commercial break.