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Have You Burned Your Former Head Coach In Effigy Lately?

We didn't get to this yesterday, but anything involves college students and fire is usually good copy for the next day. Some of the LSU peeps got together for what looked like a bonfire with a set of clothes as a centerpiece. But it was actually a burning in effigy of former LSU head coach Nick Saban. But this isn't as bad as it sounds. The elections have been over for almost a week and the Southerners are still pretending to burn white people. Our country has come so far...

A fire engine, some golf carts and SUVs led a parade through a student apartment complex in Baton Rouge, with beads, stuffed tigers and "Got 3?" T-shirts — a reference to the Tigers' three national titles — thrown into the crowd. The main event was the burning of Saban, the coach who is a villan to some LSU fans for going to Alabama after leaving the NFL. (Never mind that every time LSU fans become consumed with Saban, it's a slap in the face to their highly successful coach, Les Miles, who has "only" gone 40-8 with a national title in four seasons. Never mind that this obsession with Saban reveals insecurities about LSU's fan base.)


Look, I get it. Your head coach jumped ship and wound up at a rival school. But the man brought you a national championship and left the cupboard stocked well enough to earn another. If you're going to start a bonfire with Saban's likeness as a centerpiece, at least get the hair right. The burning of Nick Saban [] Image via 2theadvocate

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