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Hawk Harrelson Takes To MLB Network To Complain About Hemorrhoids

Chicago White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson turned up on Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's MLB Network show High Heat yesterday, and things went pretty much exactly as you'd expect, with lots of talk about Carl Yastrzemski, Tony La Russa, and this year's purportedly dangerous White Sox squad. There was also the following, one of the more Hawk Harrelson monologues ever:

"Well in '68, it was all because of Yaz, and I had, over the winter I had dedicated myself to, I said, I'm going to stick it up Carl's behind in '68. And that was my motivation. I was just gonna go ahead and play as hard as I could. And things worked out pretty good. In fact, I was going for the Triple Crown until I got the hemorrhoids."


Harrelson's longstanding complaint about hemorrhoids robbing him of glory in 1968 may actually be true; he hit .297 with 31 home runs and 99 RBI through August 15 that year, and .219 with four home runs and 10 RBI the rest of the way. Still, Jesus Christ, man.


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