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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The good folks at Awful Announcing have the video from the Tigers' walk-off win over Hawk's beloved White Sox last night. For 63 seconds (I counted) beginning moments before the ball goes over the wall, there is pure silence from the Chicago White Sox feed. The last thing we hear is the ball was hit deep into right-center field. Then dead air until the play of the game is announced, which is when Hawk finally gets around to mentioning Jhonny Peralta's name—yet never utters "home run," "walk off" or "I am an enormous homer." He does offer some sour grapes about the placement of the home run, however.


Maybe there's a method to the madness, though: if there are no words then there is nothing to put on the board, dagummet.

Hawk Harrelson takes a minute of silence for this Tigers walk off [Awful Announcing]

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