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Everyone getting excited about the upcoming season of Hard Knocks: Dallas Cowboys has every right to be. With a colorful cast of characters to choose from like Terrell Owens, Pacman Jones (please), Tony Romo and the mesmerizing handywork of Jerry Jones' plastic surgeon, it'll be entertaining television even for those who don't enjoy HBO's other reality programming.


But there is some bad news for those who hoped that Tony Romo's blue icing-swallowing jinx, Jessica Simpson, would pop up in episodes — it's not going to happen. So says HBO president Ross Greenburg and NFL Films guru Steve Sabol to a roomful of Cowboys' reporters:

This is not the E Television Network," HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg said with a somewhat straight face. "This is HBO and HBO Sports. We're doing it for the avid football fan that used to watch Inside the NFL."

NFL Films president Steve Sabol said Jess wouldn't be a major part of the show "unless she's out there running 7-on-7 drills."

Yes, you got that? The show is not called "Hard Knockers" for a reason, you tabloid trash-digesting philistines.

HBO Exec: Jess Will Not Be A Hard Knocks Star [DallasCowboys Blog]

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