Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Chula Vista Cat Fight." Tonight's commentator: Rashinal, eyewitness to taco-shop mayhem. (Coming next week: either a ladies' woods spat or an Eastern European prom-gone-wild.)

So here is what went down on the night of May 28th at a Roberto's Taco Shop in Chula Vista, CA (2 a.m.).

So there I (Rashinal) was enjoying my delicious breakfast burrito after a night of doing sound at a local rap show, when two groups staggered in and proceeded to act as though there was nothing wrong.

Within about three minutes of the two groups' entry, I hear a little arguing and whatnot, so I decided this might be good to catch on camera. Was it ever!

As the arguing ensued, the pushing and threats began to escalate.

Then, as the groups were trying to get their very important points across to each other in their own ways, the fists started flying…

Next thing I see is one of the girls get slammed into the wall and the punches were flying.

While their friends all stood by and watched the two girls pummeling each other, the adrenaline was pumping.

Next thing I know, the girl who got slammed started fighting the rest of the other girl's crew with a very confident approach…

With a little help from some bystanders, I learned that this was all over the fact that a dude brought another girl to a bar that wasn't "his girl" and presto… Chula Vista catfight!

The police quickly arrived—which didn't stop the girls from trying to kill each other—and the adrenaline-filled latina was restrained in cuffs.

Meanwhile, the other party of well-behaved girls got escorted out of the taco shop, not receiving the food in which they came to the taco shop for in the first place.

No one was actually arrested or seriously hurt. There was some hair loss and cosmetic damage done, though.


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