He Wasn't A Paid Drug Dealer; He Was Just Volunteering

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We like Florida head coach Urban Meyer for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that his first name describes a type of city. (We hope to someday name our child "Rural Juror Leitch.") But the reason we really love him is that EDSBS figures he believes if you kick a player off your team for selling crack cocaine, you're being "harsh." (Link via Sons Of Sam Malone.) Because that's what Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer did to walkon player Justin Jackson.

"One of our walk-on players was arrested last night and is facing very serious accusations. By even being near this type of behavior, Justin has embarrassed himself and his team," Fulmer said in a statement. "We expect all our players — scholarship or walk-on — to be good citizens. I regret it whenever any university student makes bad choices of this nature. The legal and university process will be followed, but Justin is no longer a member of our team."

If he were a star quarterback rather than a walkon, we're not sure Fulmer would have made the same decision. That said, maybe he just hasn't tried any of Jackson's stash. Phil Fulmer on the crack rock; we'd enjoy that, we think.


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