This grandma is a really big fan of the Miami Heat, and so her grandson decided to record her while she watched Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. Based on the video evidence, watching a game with this lady is probably be a lot of fun.

Not only does Heat Fan Grandma present a perfect mix of enthusiasm and understated, grandmotherly disappointment—"You're gettin' too big for your britches now, right?"—throughout the game, her basketball analysis is also cogent. I found myself nodding along in agreement to, "I like Wade, but he's not that great, really," and "There's one referee I really don't like. Crawford? Is that his name? I really don't like that man. If I was there, I would kick him right in his [some sort of grandma slang term for testicles]."

Preach on, Heat Fan Grandma.

h/t Ryan