Heat Fans Made Sure To Give Paul Pierce A Memorable Send-Off, Too

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Photo: Michael Reaves (Getty)

Dwyane Wade’s year-long retirement tour reached its climax last night, when Wade started and played 34 minutes in his final home game as a member of the Miami Heat (this thanks to the Detroit Pistons, whose comeback win against the Grizzlies eliminated the Heat from the playoffs). Wade said goodbye to his home fans in style, scoring 30 points and leading the Heat to a 122-99 victory over the Sixers. In return, those fans spent the evening showering Wade with love admiration. One way they went about doing this was to scream, “Paul Pierce sucks!” very loudly and for a pretty long time:


The context here is that a few days ago Celtics legend Paul Pierce, who is now an NBA analyst for ESPN and was definitely not better than Dwyane Wade, went on TV and said he was better than Dwyane Wade:


This was just harmless sports TV yakkin’, but Wade and his wife, Gabrielle Union, seemed to be genuinely irked by Pierce’s comments, which was enough to put The Truth right in the crosshairs of an arena full of Wade fans.

The silver lining for Pierce is that, if he feels the need to respond the next time he goes on TV, he can just show this clip over and over again: