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You can tell we're just about to turn the corner and start ratcheting up the Super Bowl XXXXI coverage lunacy when the condition of a man's thumb is receiving Zapruder-level scrutiny. Peyton Manning, who has had a seeming otherworldly ability to avoid injuries throughout his career, is playing all coy about the thumb he banged toward the end of the AFC Championship Game.

"It's like I said earlier, I attended the Bill Belichick school (about) discussing injuries,'' Manning said, referring to the Patriots coach who seldom gets specific his team's about injuries. "There's my answer.''


See, this is a Peyton Manning we can get behind. One who takes the time out of a pre-Super Bowl press conference to gently mock a vanquished foe. He might start resembling a normal human being yet.

Manning Mum On Thumb [Indianapolis Star]

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