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Heidi Watney, much ballyhooed as the new NESN reporter of record for her, well, her Watney-ness, had her first on-air duties last night as the Red Sox talking lady of record. Red Sox bloggers all gave her passing grades for her first night's work.

Sox & Dawgs: "I don't think she did all that bad. She did appear a little nervous in her first on-air interview with the Mayor Sean Casey and she did mess up by saying the Tigers started 0-6 this season when they started 0-7. Other than that, I think she had a good night."


The House That Dewey Built: "I wholeheartedly approve of new NESN "sideline analyst" Heidi Watney. Sure, she stumbled a few times. But, you know..."

Both The Yawkey Way and Red Sox Monster have decided to refrain from critiquing her work until she gets a few more interviews under her dress.

Here is the video. Judge for yourself. She has all the makings of being the next Jim Gray.

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