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Predators fan Andrew Fudge wanted some free tickets to see his team play the Penguins in the Stanley Cup, so he entered a promo that the team was running, once before Game 3 and once before Game 4. He’s not much of a Twitter user, and it seems that he forgot about the promo shortly after entering it. That turned out to be a huge mistake.


As it turns out, Fudge won! Unfortunately, he just found out this morning, over a month after the Stanley Cup Finals ended. (The Predators confirmed to Deadspin this afternoon that Fudge had indeed won and never went to pick up his tickets.)

The silver lining here is that he missed out on Game 6, where the Penguins got a shutout win to take the Stanley Cup. Fudge may have missed out on free tickets, but at least he earned the mental health boost that comes with staying off Twitter for a month.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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