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Andy Roddick's one of those athletes whose fame outsizes his accomplishments. He's one of the more successful American tennis players, but in the Roger Era, his on-court record will never put him alongside the greats.

But what sets Roddick apart from many other millionaires with heavy endorsements and wives that look that this, is his genuine likability. Today's loss at Wimbledon had to be crippling, yet he still managed to muster enough strength and dignity to charm the crap out of everyone during his post-match Centre Court interview. He's no longer the young phenom, destined to dominate men's tennis for years, but he's also become someone who you will always pull for. He's playing better than ever, so I'm sure we'll eventually get to see Roddick win a second Grand Slam title. It just would have been nice to see him win this one.


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