Hello, Nova Scotia!

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G'day, eh. Just because you worship curling and your island will be the last place on earth to feel the effects of global warming, it's no reason for us to ignore you. So wake up, Nova Scotia, find your mittens, fire up the wood-burning stove and enjoy a special Atlantic Time Zone edition of About Last Night. (Regular About Last Night commences one half-hour from now). And cheer up — at least you're not in Greenland.

What you missed while serving four-to-six months for "annoying a Mountie" ...

• Winter Olympics: Russia ousts Canada from men's hockey ... making curling your No. 1 sport now, we guess.
• College Football: St. Mary's head coach Nill departs for Calgary Dinos. Sad, really.
• Junior League Hockey Playoffs: Cumberland County Cool Blues lose to Sackville Blazers 3-1 — are one game from elimination. Please score your office pools accordingly.

Update: Jeff writes — "Nova Scotia is not an Island, and it 1 hour ahead of EST, I think you have us confused with Newfoundland, which would not sit well with the locals. Thanks for the Junior B hockey update, I can't find those scores anywhere. By the way there are like 10 black families in Amherst which makes the link even funnier."


We knew about the one-hour time difference. As for thinking it was an island — we are filled with shame.