Photo: Morry Gash (AP)

The Miami Marlins opened a series against the Milwaukee Brewers Tuesday night, in Milwaukee. The Brewers come into the series sitting atop the NL Central; the last-place, aggressively “rebuilding” Marlins come into the series having scored the fewest total runs in baseball and 35 fewer runs than the next worst offense in the National League. And so it should not surprise you too much to learn that after four innings of reasonably competitive baseball, one team exploded for a hilarious 11-run fifth inning, an inning in which every single player in the lineup had an RBI. But which one? Let’s check the evidence:

Hmmm...that can’t be right.
Screenshot: MLB


What am I looking at right now.
Screenshot: ESPN

Nice try, internet, but I’m not buying it. Sure, the Marlins have been playing much, much better of late—coming into tonight they’ve won four of their last five series, and 11 of their last 16 games, and have scored 84 runs over that stretch—but I think it’s safe to assume the internet has its facts all screwed up on this one. Great win for the Brewers.