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It’s a question that has kept basketball fans awake at night for years: which NBA players own cats? Wonder no longer. NBA Catwatch is on the prowl.

NBA Catwatch, an exhaustive and exhausting attempt to determine the cat-havingness of anyone even remotely associated with pro hoops. Born of a throwaway promise—still unfulfilled—made nearly two years ago, the kitten-chronicling has proceeded in fits and starts, but appears to have really ramped up this offseason.


It’s a big league, and the cat status of most NBA players may forever remain unknown. (The site’s current Master Cat List is still thin, and the page where cat ownership is broken down by team feels like wishful thinking.) But this is about the journey, not the destination. The real fun happens on @NBAcatwatch, where the tireless proprietor undertakes his internet detective work, soliciting media reports mentioning NBA cats, fielding tips from fans, and asking the players and their families.


NBA Catwatch needs you. If you ever read about an NBA player with a cat, tell NBA Catwatch. If you meet an NBA player’s cat, pass the information along to the professionals. If you’re an NBA player with a cat, or if you are an NBA player’s cat, make yourself known. This is the crowdsourcing project of the summer. Keep watching those cats.

[NBA Catwatch | @NBAcatwatch]

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