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Help ND Alums Keep Coach Weis From Dying

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If you weren't officially excited enough about the Notre Dame-USC game already, let this wet your whistle: It's WeisWatchers, (another) Irish fans site. (Honestly, Irish fans, they're a little weird. In a good way, don't hate us.) The idea of the site is for all Irish fans in the South Bend area to, when they see Weis about to dig into a cheeseburger or something equally damaging, they stop him and hand him a salad, or tofu, or whatever. You can even sign an online petition, because the world needs more of those. Money quote: "The overall health of our program is excellent but the overall health of our coach is not so good. We have returned to our winning ways and we are once again signing top notch recruits but, as responsible members of the Notre Dame family, we have to make sure Coach Weis is around for many, many years to come. "

The site is run by Shane Igoe, who, before actually coming up with the first online petition we've considered signing, was a writer for ESPN's Page 3, which we swear once actually ran articles. Good work, though, we must point out, the way Notre Dame fans are, we give the guy two, maybe three more losses this year before they're running him out of town, like everybody else.


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