Help This Guy Write His Gay Yankees Book

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About a decade ago, a Yankees clubhouse attendant filed a lawsuit against the team claiming he was fired because he was gay, and that he was taunted by players calling him "faggot." (The team says he was fired for theft.") Well, he's now writing a book.

Well, kind of. He's actually looking for someone to help him write a book via CraigsList.

I have many fascinating "insider" stories to tell about the New York Yankees, some of which are rather seamy. I would like to find an experienced co-writer to work with me on an explosive, "tell-all" book about my experiences at the New York Yankees, which will include detailed and vivid descriptions of the many things that I witnessed, overheard, or was otherwise privy to, during the time period that I worked for my father or directly for the team. The right candidate needs to have major literary contacts, and cannot be afraid of participating in what is bound to be an extremely explosive and controversial book.

Initially, the co-writer's participation in the book project is "on spec." If the project is sold, the split on advances and royalties will be 50-50. The split on all future income or net profit generated by projects and activities that are based on the book, such as television programs, movies, personal appearances, speaking engagements, and merchandising will also be 50-50.


Ignoring the fact that this sounds like a horrible deal for any writer — not only is it on spec, but they have to "have major literary contacts?" Screw 50-50 for that deal — we suspect this book will finally, at last, reveal the dark impulses of Jeff Nelson. No guy with that mustache could ever truly be comfortable with a gay clubhouse attendant. Shame A-Rod wasn't there yet.

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