The loudest burst from the stands in Flushing Meadows last night came just before the third-set tiebreaker, when a stadium full mostly of Americans shouted An-Dee Murr-Eee clap clap clap-clap-clap for the Brit just minutes after he laid a vulgar, impassioned speech to the chair umpire about how upset he was that his opponent, Russian South African 15-seed Kevin Anderson, took a six-and-a-half-minute break to take a dump. Anderson was already up two sets to none and would go on to win the fourth-set breaker, breaking Murray’s streak of 18 consecutive Grand Slam quarterfinals. To mark the occasion, here is An-dee Murr-eee taking a shit in his chair, I think:

Here he is running to his left, while this other guy farts on a wall:

Same face:

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Whatever, here are some more:


Here’s that one really dumb face again:


Photo Credit: AP/Adam Hunger