Here Are My Favorite Weed Jokes

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The official holiday of potheads has been normalized to the point that police department Twitter accounts even try to make jokes about it. (These jokes are not insanely funny since the police departments continue to arrest people for weed, but… it’s a start?)

Weed jokes are not particularly funny, on the whole. But there are some good ones—certainly better ones than the jokes police departments make. For April 20th, I collected my favorites.

This Dave Chappelle bit from his 2004 stand-up special For What It’s Worth is my all-time favorite weed joke. If you’re not talking about other times you’re getting high when you get high, you are not doing it right.

This bit, from the third episode of Party Down, is both a great parody of anti-drug talks and one of the best “actors playing stoned” scenes I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure what makes this Katt Williams weed bit so funny, but it really works. Plus, if you stay past the five-minute mark Katt delivers a blistering attack on United States foreign policy that would fit in at any Democratic Socialists of America meeting.

I watched a bunch of weed stand-up bits for this post, and almost all of them contained pretty much the same joke: Weed is stronger than it used to be! My favorite version of this joke was Louis C.K.’s.

I like this bit mostly because this was basically me in my early 20s.

Happy 4/20, everyone! Please, share more of your favorite weed jokes in the comments.