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Here Are Some Houston Astros Just Chillin' With An Albino Python

"Broooo, lookit the size of that sucker!" I imagine one of the Astros exclaiming when Sunshine the Albino Python was brought in the room. "Haha, you scared bro?" another one probably quipped. "Nuh uh! If Britney can rock one around her neck, so can I!"

Above we see Jed Lowrie posing with the snake, the image capturing the moment when he stopped being worried and could enjoy how badass it must feel to have a six-foot snake draped over your shoulders.


Evan Gattis looks either a little wary or maybe bored in his shot—

—while Carlos Correa goes from "Nah bruh, you're not getting that thing on me" in the pic above to "Hey, this is actually pretty cool!" in the one below:


Britney Spears: a pioneer.

Photos via Instagram and Twitter


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