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Here Are Some Old-Timey Dogs Playing Football For Some Reason

Flubby brought our attention to this gif, and seriously, what the hell.

A little searching, and it turns out this clip is from a series of MGM "barkies" called the Dogville Comedies. (This particular one seems to be from 1930's College Hounds. Depression? How could anyone be depressed after watching this delightful doggy romp?)


It's a tale tail tale as old as time. Airedale College has the big game against Spitz University coming up, but star fullback/kicker Red Mange is nowhere to be found. Will he be waylaid by the daughter of a dog deep in debt to a loan shark, or will he return in time to lead Airedale to victory?

Let's find out:

Hilarious! All those dogs are long dead by now. Possibly from CTE.

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