Here Are The Ezekiel Elliott Police Reports And 911 Call

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Earlier today, a woman posted photos on her Instagram account showing bruises that she wrote were the result of domestic abuse. The woman, Tiffany Thompson, is known to be Dallas Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott’s girlfriend. Since then, Columbus police have released two police reports as well as a 911 call from this morning also involving Elliott and Thompson.

The first police report is time stamped at 5:11 a.m. today. It says whatever happened took place between Saturday at Wednesday in the 1800 block of Canvas Lane* (there doesn’t appear to be a Canvas Lane in Columbus, but it’s likely the officers were referring to Canvasback Lane). Here is the narrative from that report.

A second report is also from today, at 5:18 a.m. This time, the location the first block of West Third Avenue. Here is the narrative from that report.

The woman also called 911. You can listen to the audio below. In the call, the woman said she had called earlier about domestic violence and now she wants an officer to come to the scene. She was going to wait until tomorrow, when he left, to report it. The dispatcher cuts her off before she can explain why she changed her mind. She said she has bruises, has been hit “all over,” and he’s “been doing it for the past five days.” She said she did not need a medic.

The police reports are below; you can also click here to read them. Any pages not included with the reports were left out because they only contained identifying information or empty information fields.