Brandon Prust is serving a one-game suspension for a headhunting elbow. Brandon Dubinsky isn't ready to return from injury, nor is Mats Zuccarello. The Rangers need a better option for a fourth line forward tonight than Stu Bickel, who's usually a defenseman. If only they had someone still under contract, perhaps having rotted away in Hartford most of the year, who could add his playoff seasoning and experience with antagonizing Marty Brodeur. Can you think of anyone like that?

Oh. Never mind. Sean Avery is busy.

Avery more or less retired this spring, but he was always the type to have things other than hockey going on. One of those "things": a shoot with noted photographer and pervert Terry Richardson. There are more photos too, though this is the extent of the nudity. Tasteful!

Say what you will about Wade Redden. At least he hasn't shown me his coin slot.

[Terry Richardson's Diary, via Puck Daddy]