Here Are Videos Of Dez Bryant Racing A Horse In College

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Oklahoma State blog Pistols Firing unearthed a couple of videos of Dez Bryant racing Bullet—Oklahoma State’s mascot horse—in Boone Pickens Stadium.

Though the videos are clearly from Bryant’s time at Oklahoma State, they were only uploaded to YouTube by Pistols Firing today. In August 2009—the beginning of Bryant’s junior and final season—O’ wrote about a new pregame song commissioned from associate athletic director Dave Martin’s son, John Martin, called “Cowboys Forever.” O’ refers to Martin’s website, where he wrote (no longer available) about shooting video during Oklahoma State’s summer practices, and seeing Bryant race Bullet:

For the video, director Taylor Bolding and I were given full access to the players and their summer workout sessions. We wanted to get a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective of the Cowboys in training as they prepared for the season. Working with the players was a lot of fun throughout the project, but the highlight for me was watching Dez Bryant race Bullet inside Boone Pickens Stadium!

But as we wrote about at the time, nobody liked “Cowboys Forever,” and it was quickly scrapped. The song isn’t currently featured on Martin’s website or YouTube account; I could only find this copy on YouTube, with a video that clearly isn’t from the footage Martin and Bolding shot:

It doesn’t seem like the music video for “Cowboys Forever” was ever completed, or if it was, it wasn’t shown publicly, which is really too bad. It means we don’t get to see higher quality footage of Dez Bryant racing a horse, and perhaps more importantly, we don’t get to see the surely campy music video that accompanies lyrics such as, “The prairie wind touches our skin, another maverick morning begins.”


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