Here Are Your All-Time Vacated Standings For Division I College Football

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The NCAA swung its shithammer on Monday, and Penn State had to vacate a staggering 112 victories. Joe Paterno was no longer the winningest coach in college football history. But he became the winningest coach in another college football universe. Here, for the first time, are the NCAA's all-time vacated standings.

1. Penn State

Seasons with vacated wins: 1998-2011
Total wins vacated: 112

We all know the backstory here, and it's a near-guarantee that Penn State will remain at the top of this list for the rest of the NCAA's existence.


2. Alabama

Seasons with vacated wins: 1993, 2005, 2006, 2007
Total wins vacated: 29

The Crimson Tide went 9-3-1 during the 1993 season, but were later forced to vacate eight of those wins due to the fact that the school had allowed an ineligible player to play in 11 games that season. Following a more recent investigation, the university was forced to vacate all of the wins from its 10-2 2005 season and its 6-7 2006 season, as well as five wins from its 7-6 2007 season. The reason that all of these wins had to be vacated? The NCAA found that a bunch of football players had been using the school's text book distribution program (in which student-athletes are able to buy textbooks at discounted prices) to score textbooks for their friends, girlfriends, etc.


3. North Carolina

Seasons with vacated wins: 2008 and 2009
Total wins vacated: 16

UNC went 8-5 during both the 2008 and 2009 seasons, but was forced to vacate all 16 of those wins when it was discovered that a tutor had done a lot of Very Bad Things on behalf of a few members of the football team. These Very Bad Things include: Writing papers and completing assignments for three members of the football team, providing "impermissible benefits" to 11 football players, which included the paying of $1,789(!) worth of parking tickets that one player had accrued. The school was also dinged for failing to sit players who had received gifts from professional agents, and for employing an assistant coach who was closely affiliated with a professional sports agency.


4. Southern California

Season with vacated wins: 2004 and 2005
Total wins vacated: 14

USC had to erase two of its 13 victories from the 2004 season and all 12 of its victories from the 2005 season because Reggie Bush got a shitload of money and free limo rides from a sports agent.


5. (tie) Ohio State

Seasons with vacated wins: 2010
Total wins vacated: 12

Ohio State was forced to vacate all of the wins from its 12-1 season when it was discovered that a number of football players had received tattoos in exchange for pieces of Ohio State memorabilia, and that the team's coach, Jim Tressel, had known about these transactions (gasp!) but did nothing to put an end to such behavior.


5. (tie) Florida State

Seasons with vacated wins: 2006 and 2007
Total wins vacated: 12

The NCAA discovered that a "learning specialist" and a tutor at Florida State had assisted a number of football players by allowing them to use a binder full of test answers during an online exam, and so the football team was forced to vacate five wins from its 7-5 2006 season and seven wins from its 7-5 2007 season. The class they cheated in was Music Cultures of the World. It was an online course. College is stupid.


7. Arkansas State

Seasons with vacated wins: 2005 and 2006
Total wins vacated: 10

Poor Arkansas State had to give back four wins from its 6-6 2005 season and six wins from its 6-6 2006 season because because a few players and their advisers got confused about how transfer credits work, meaning that the players took the field while ineligible. Boring.


8. (tie) Michigan State

Seasons with vacated wins: 1995
Total wins vacated: 5

The Spartans thought that providing food, lodging, airfare, and other cash benefits to a handful of prospective student-athletes on a recruiting trip was a cool thing to do. The NCAA did not think that was a cool thing to do, and so the Michigan State football team was forced to vacate all of the wins from its 5-6 1995 season.


8. (tie) Southern Methodist University

Seasons with vacated wins: 1998
Total wins vacated: 5

No, these sanctions didn't have anything to do with the five hookers Craig James killed there. They did have to do with an SMU assistant football coach agreeing to pay some kid to take the ACT test on behalf of one of his recruits. That erased the football team's 5-7 1998 season.


10. (tie) University of California, Berkeley

Seasons with vacated wins: 1999
Total wins vacated: 1

The Cal Golden Bears were docked one game from their 4-7 1999 season when two football players who had failed to complete the minimum number of credit hours and had been improperly awarded a passing grade in one class were still allowed to play with the team.


10. (tie) Georgia Tech

Seasons with vacated wins: 2009
Total wins vacated: 1

The Georgia Tech football team had a good year in 2009, going 11-3 and winning the ACC. Unfortunately, the team was forced to vacate its conference title game win because one of the players on the team had received $312 worth of clothes from a professional sports agent. That makes perfect sense, I guess.


Here are your standings by coach:

CoachVacated wins
Joe Paterno (Penn State)112
Butch Davis (UNC)16
Mike Shula (Alabama)16
Pete Carroll (USC)14
Jim Tressel (Ohio State)12
Bobby Bowden (Florida State)12
Steve Roberts (Arkansas State)10
Nick Saban (Alabama and Michigan State)10
Gene Stallings (Alabama)8
Mike Cavan (SMU)5
Tom Holmoe (Cal)1
Paul Johnson (Georgia Tech)1

All data via the NCAA major infractions database.