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Here Is a List of People Bubba The Love Sponge's Ex-Wife Is Also Rumored To Have Had Sex With On Camera

The lady who allegedly humped Hulk Hogan on tape also allegedly humped several athletes on tape. Deion Sanders, Tony Stewart, and Warren Sapp are among the rumored names. So is Aubrey Huff. Yes, Aubrey Huff. Tampa's weird.


After we posted a brief clip of Hulk Hogan's sex tape last month, TMZ reported that there were three other tapes made. We actually heard there were more than that. Soon after the initial Hulk Hogan not-so-sex-filled "sex tape" was published on Gawker, a man who called himself "Jim Janerro" wrote to us. He claimed he had more footage of Bubba's wife getting it on in the same bedroom with numerous other partners, including other scenes with her and Hogan. He said there were "lots of black guys" involved, too. "Jim" claimed he found the tapes in a box of promotional DVDs he purchased at the annual Bubba Army Garage Sale last year.

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