Here Is Footage From The Aftermath Of Jon Jones's Alleged Hit-And-Run

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The MMA Digest has obtained audio from a 911 call, as well as police body cam footage, of the hit-and-run UFC fighter Jon Jones allegedly committed in Albuquerque (N.M.) in April. He was arrested the next day.

An Albuquerque Police Department report at the time said that, after running a red light and hitting a car, Jones ran away, came back and grabbed a wad of cash, stuffed it down his pants, and then ran away again. You can hear a witness describe some of this in the 911 call:

Caller: The guy just hopped off into a yard. The guy that’s getting out of the SUV, he took off running ... he’s running over fences. He’s jumping over fences.


Caller: But he took off running.

911 Dispatch: Which way did he go, what direction?

Caller: He’s going onto a gated community, north of Juan Tabo, in the Terra ...

911 Dispatch: Northbound Juan Tabo?

Caller: Yeah into a gated community.

After interviewing the driver of one of the cars Jones allegedly hit, the video cuts to body cam footage of two APD officers searching through Jones’s car, where they find cash, drug testing custody and control forms, a bag of Funyuns, a “shitload” of condoms, and MMA clothing. The two cops begin to realize that the Jon Jones whose name is on the drug testing forms is probably the famous MMA fighter:

Cop 1: Dude I wonder if this is that fighter’s car? Jon Jones?

Cop 2: I wouldn’t doubt it bro. They said he was really tall.

Cop 1: They did?

Cop 2: [inaudible]

One of the cops reads through the paperwork and discovers that it is from the Nevada Athletic Commission and says “pro MMA,” confirming the belief that the driver is THAT Jon Jones. The other cop sums up Jones’s fate: “Well, he’s fucked.”


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