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Here Is Kenley Jansen’s Immaculate Inning In 16 Seconds

Again! Just four days ago, Max Scherzer threw an immaculate inning (nine pitches, nine strikes). Three days before that, Craig Kimbrel threw one. Then last night, Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen threw an immaculate ninth inning against the Marlins.


That’s the fourth immaculate inning so far this season; Drew Storen threw one on April 18th. The major league record for these things came in 2014, when seven were thrown. It’s only mid-May, and we’re more than halfway there.

“I’ve been pitching for seven or eight years, and I had no idea what that was,” Jansen said postgame. “That was awesome. It’s a blessing.”

It gets even wilder: There were a grand total of zero immaculate innings between Lefty Grove’s on September 27th, 1928 and Billy Hoeft’s on September 7th, 1953. There were smaller, but still long, gaps between 1972 and 1977, and 1979 and 1984. Now there are so many more immaculate innings! What a time to be alive.

Staff editor, Deadspin