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Update: Here Are The Official New Clippers Uniforms And Logo

Clippers owner Steve Ballmer went on Conan today, and while there he officially unveiled what he called “the new Clippers logo”. While Ballmer didn’t bring along any jerseys, the logo is the same as what was on mockups that were leaked to Uni Watch back in April. Here is how the new logo will supposedly look on a jersey, which should be revealed tomorrow:


And for reference, here are the current Clippers logos:

I don’t hate the logo as much as my esteemed colleague Tom Ley or the rest of the internet seem to, but couldn’t the Clippers do better than a low-rent Cubs rip off?

Update (11:37 p.m.) Via the Clippers website, here is what the jerseys look like:


There is no sign of a black jersey on the website, meaning it is either an alternate third jersey, or was scrapped altogether. This is the first we have seen of the white jersey, which will presumably be the Clippers home jersey, and my lord, it somehow manages the dubious distinction of being extremely bland and ugly.


And just for good measure, here is some brand marketing speak about the new logo. Oh, it’s a basketball court!


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