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Here Is The Screwy Ending To The Judo Quarterfinal Match

This is like something out of a movie. We told you earlier about the controversial ending to the judo quarterfinal match between Masashi Ebinuma of Japan (in white) and Cho Jun-Ho of South Korea (in blue). Both men eventually won bronze medals, but that does not make this scene any less bizarre.


Almost immediately after all three judges raise blue flags, indicating Cho as the winner, Mr. Gray Pinstripe Suit off to the side demands an audience with the judges. The crowd is uneasy. Cho is elated, for a second, and points at his coach in the blue blazer in triumph. The judges and IJF officials confer while the two men just wait on the mat. Then the judges return to the mat with furled flags. Cho looks around confused. The judges make a point of returning to their positions, two sit down and they all ceremoniously ready both flags. Which will it be?

Boom. White flags. Cho is now the loser and Ebinuma the winner. Cho is stunned and his coach just stands there, unable to put his blazer back on. Ebinuma looks like he wants to say something to Cho, but what can he say?

Just brutal.

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