So there's this occupation in European soccer called boot boy, which is a kind of apprenticeship in which a young player does chores around the clubhouse (so I'm told). The pay is low, but I hear the tips are fabulous. This item is a couple of weeks old, but it's the first I've heard of it: Birmingham City midfielder Olivier Kapo, asked by boot boy James McPike for a pair of shoes as an end-of-the-season souvenir, instead was tossed the keys to Kapo's £30,000 Mercedes.

He told him he would struggle to afford the insurance for such an expensive car. So the French international drove the disbelieving 20-year-old to his home, handed him the spare keys and log book, and then insisted on paying for a year's insurance. It is believed to be the biggest gift ever given to a boot boy.

So in Europe they're throwing around free luxury cars. In America, Mean Joe Green throws you an unlaundered jersey. Sounds about right

OK Will, your last day is tomorrow ... the ball's in your court.

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