Here’s Every Time Ashlyn Harris Said “Bitch” As The USWNT Celebrated Its World Cup Victory [Update]

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Ashlyn Harris Cursing On Instagram Supercut

After beating the Netherlands to win the World Cup Sunday, the United States women’s national team partied hard—in the locker room, on the bus, at the club. Thankfully, backup goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris documented the whole thing on her Instagram story.

The best part of it was Harris’s commentary throughout every new clip of her teammates slugging champagne, dancing poorly, or biting an apple. As with the Blues’ Stanley Cup celebrations, I cut every time the keeper said “bitch” into one video, along with some other bonus highlights. As Harris put it, “You’re fuckin’ welcome for this content, biiitch.”


Update (6:49 p.m. ET): Please enjoy 11 more seconds of Ashlyn Harris saying “bitch,” posted today. Apparently, this is just the fuckin’ start.

11 More Seconds Of Ashlyn Harris