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Here's A Blessed Video Of Johnny Cueto Riding A Prancing Pony

Thinking about those ponies.
Photo: Ezra Shaw (Getty Images)

As rich person hobbies go, horses are one of the riskier and more complicated ones. Horses are expensive and cool, but they are also huge and don’t listen to reason and take enormous dumps. Compare that to a rich person pursuit like owning visual art or islands or a bunch of cars—all of which are also expensive international signifiers of luxury, similarly unreasoning, but involve either very little or nothing at all in the way of large-format turds—and becoming a horse person seems if nothing else like more work than a hobby-seeking person might want to do.

Johnny Cueto, for example, has a difficult and stressful if extremely remunerative job as a starting pitcher with the San Francisco Giants; he is currently rehabilitating from Tommy John surgery, which is presumably not any more fun than it sounds. He could be doing anything, and yet Cueto persists in doing horse-related things on his sprawling ranch in the Dominican Republic. This might seem like a strange choice until you watch this soothing and soul-nourishing one-minute video of a flip-flop clad Cueto riding a prancing pony down and back and then down again.


It is all so serene as to border on ASMR. Of course there are easier hobbies, and of course this horse might well have taken a jumbo dump as soon as the camera was turned off. But watch it and watch it again: it makes sense.

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