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Here's A Raucous Brawl From The 49ers Game Last Night

Tipster Emil was at the 49ers game last night, and while he didn’t see his team do anything of worth on the football field, he had a front row seat to this big rowdy brawl.

After the first two guys decided to throw hands, a third fan appears to try and separate the punch boys. Instead of stopping anything, she just draws the ire of a fourth fan, who you see sprawled out over a few seats about halfway through the video. Our tipster told us that the fight started when the two women here started arguing, which eventually escalated to the two men punching each other. One of the couples involved got thrown out, while the other managed to escape. About 20 minutes later, they returned to applause and high-fives from the crowd.


Emil added, “Go Raiders!”

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h/t Emil

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