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Here's A Story About LeBron Being Really Nice To A T-Wolves Fan's Mom

Here's a nice story from a Reddit user who sits courtside at Timberwolves games about how LeBron James was really nice to his mom on multiple occasions. Suck it, LeBron haters.

Hey, I don't know if this is the right place for this or if I even should post this, but I thought I'd say, from a Wolves fan, Lebron is a cool guy. We typically get decent seats to all home games near the opposing team's bench, and sometimes you get to be right next to some pretty talkative NBA players. The first year Lebron came to the Target Center in a Miami uniform, my mom was at the game with us and she was wearing new earrings. Lebron noticed them, said they were nice and asked how much they cost. My mom jokingly just said, "A lot." He gave her a look and said, "You think I can't afford them?" Every year since then, when Miami comes to town, he'll at some point look over to our seats and grab his earlobes (because of the earrings) and smile. This year was no different, and in addition to that he talked with us a bit, wished us a merry christmas, and then gave her his sweatband. That's why he's not wearing it in the Dwayne Wade sweeping interview. All in all, in spite of his reputation leaving Cleveland and people thinking he's a bad guy and stuff, I think he's a cool guy.


Adding some credence to this guy's story is the video above, which shows a woman putting on LeBron's sweaty headband after his game against the T-Wolves on Saturday. LeBron may have broken the hearts of everyone in Cleveland, but he's super nice to moms from Minnesota.


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