Here's Aaron Hernandez's Bar Tab From The Night Of Odin Lloyd's Murder

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The receipt from Aaron Hernandez and friends' night out at a Providence bar was introduced at trial today, by prosecutors attempting to establish the timeline of and Hernandez' frame of mind on the night he stands accused of killing Odin Lloyd. That's all well and good. We put it here because it's fun to look at people's bar tabs.

Here, Hernandez's receipt from the South Street Cafe. The tab was opened at 9:37 p.m. and closed at 12:18 a.m., about two hours before prosecutors say Hernandez met up with Lloyd.



  • Bud, Hennessy, Grey Goose—all perfectly respectable orders for a wealthy dude in his mid-20s, and his friends who know that he's picking up the tab. The mixed drinks were probably for the ladies, though I shouldn't assume. [Update: The Sex on the Beach shots were for a Father's Day toast!)
  • Smart move getting the well vodka on the mixed drinks. They're not going to taste the difference anyway in all that fruit juice.
  • Hernandez tipped a shade over 12 percent. Not that great! Especially since there's kitchen staff to tip out, and Hernandez's party was there for nearly three hours.

The receipt still leaves five shots unaccounted for. Allegedly!

A bar manager testified today that she saw Hernandez smoking weed outside the bar, asked him to stop, and he did. That might explain the second order of wings. The manager also said Hernandez appeared in a good mood that night, and led his table in a toast to Father's Day.