Tiger Woods is only on CNBC for this interview with Maria Bartiromo to plug Fuse Science, his new sponsorship. Considering Woods's taciturn personality, the segment should have been a glorified commercial, a break from lots of numbers and stuff. But Bartiromo lets her news instinct take over and tries to make it interesting, asking Woods some pointed questions in regards to Lance Armstrong being dropped from Nike. Woods puts on his best smile and rambles harmlessly until the answer seems long enough.

The worst part is at 2:10, when Woods deflects a question about the Fuse Science product, and there's a four-second staredown that will make you cringe. Thankfully, Brian of Fuse Science interjects and saves us all from more silence, but Bartiromo and Woods don't even attempt to care what Brian of Fuse Science has to say. Stay strong, Brian of Fuse Science.

[CBS Sports]