Here's An Unverified Story About Keith Olbermann Being Obnoxious At A Mets Game [Update]

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A tipster wrote in last Tuesday:

I got my hands on an all-access ticket to last night's Mets-Pirates game at Citi Field. We walked into the press box and who was sitting there but the one and only Keith Olbermann. His laptop was open to an feed but it didn't seem like he was working. The press box was very quiet. Everyone was silently typing away on their laptops. The only noise was Olbermann loudly yapping and yapping and yapping to his friend who seemed to be trying to work. The entire press box could hear him.

Olbermann was wearing a varsity-style Late Show jacket (you can see a bit of that in the attached picture) and sucking on a lollypop the whole time (not pictured.)

The best part is the lollipop.

UPDATE: Olbermann responds via email, and, in our opinion, owns both us and the tipster pretty resoundingly. (The last part is because we asked why he was hanging out in the press box):

So a guy without media credentials somehow gets into the press box (what the hell is an "all access ticket?"), assumes the drive-through he witnesses is representative of the entire game, takes a surreptitious photo of two credentialed guys talking, concludes one is annoying the other, bravely sends it in anonymously - and WHO gets accused of behaving obnoxiously?

The reporter on the left is my friend Ben Walker, the great baseball writer of the Associated Press. We always sit together when we can (I began my career at was once the AP's rival wire service, UPI). Additionally that night I was helping him with trivial stuff like Internet research and game notes and what's going on in other games because his assigned assistant was unavoidably delayed. And I have credentials a) because MLB asked me in 1998 to write for its publications and in 2009 for its website, and b) the Mets have credentialed me since about 1978.


And three minutes later:

Oh yeah, the lollipop was a Tootsie Roll Pop. They come with the burgers at the Keith Hernandez grill. I prefer to pay full freight at the ballparks rather than take advantage of the discounted stuff in the media dining room.

Fair enough!

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