The Cincinnati sports scene and funk music go hand in hand like ... something you had no idea went hand in hand. After seeing the Notre Dame and Reds videos, reader Spencer sent along this Bootsy Collins ode to the 2005 Bengals.

Mentioned hereabouts in 2005 after the Bengals had gotten off to a hot start, presumably off the good vibes of making Odell Thurman a second-round pick, this video reveals necessary information about Freekbass and, to a lesser extent, Tobotius. We can now be nearly certain, for one thing, that Freekbass got into the funky-team-song game in imitation of his idol, Bootsy Collins. Freekbass, unfortunately, did not notice that Bootsy chose the perfect time to record his fight song: when the Bengals were good (5-1).


In all, we've had Scott Stapp's Marlins abomination, Touchdown Jesus getting funky, Reds fans getting funkier, and now the Bengals calling on the services of America's funkateer-in-chief. Surely there are more out there. If you see or hear or know of a bad team fight song — funk or otherwise — send it along. Looking at you, Raiders, Jazz, Oilers, and Mariners fans.