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Here's Ed Hochuli In Suburban Chicago, Waiting On A Haircut

This photo was taken Tuesday at a Supercuts in Schaumburg, Ill. A reader named Greg was getting his own haircut when he saw NFL referee/muscleman Hochuli walk in and take a seat. "I was 99 percent sure it was him," Greg said. There was just no mistaking those biceps.

Though a few other guys were already waiting when Hochuli arrived, Greg said Hochuli eventually got to go ahead of them. Greg's not sure whether Hochuli had an appointment. As Hochuli took his seat in the stylists' chair, Greg tried to make conversation. "He wasn't too chatty," Greg said.


When he isn't flexing on fall Sundays, Hochuli works as a lawyer in Phoenix. Greg helpfully transcribed his entire conversation with Hochuli for us:

Me: Are you Ed Hochuli?

Ed: Guilty as charged.

Me: In town to do the Bears' game?

Ed: (silence)

Oh, we completely understand that silence, you guys. Ed Hochuli's getting his game face ready. He's got no time for small talk or idle banter. It's officially football season.

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