Here's Everything Else NBC Edited Out Of The Opening Ceremony Broadcast

NBC promised to show yesterday's Olympic Winter Games opening ceremony events from Sochi "as they happened." That obviously wasn't true, though compared to the network's butchering of London's closing ceremony two years ago NBC managed to keep most of the substance. Viewers in the U.S. saw 91% of the opening ceremony, leaving only 15:10 on the cutting room floor. Here's what you missed.


1. Nightmare Mascots (4:43)

2. Film Highlighting The Journey Of The Olympic Flame (2:10)

3. The Olympic Oaths (3:03)

4. IOC President's Anti-Discrimination Statement (4:30)

NBC also cut out 44 seconds of transitional material. Their overall broadcast was 90 seconds over, because they showed a minute and a half of coverage twice. [NBC/CBC/BBC2]