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Here's Five Minutes Of Cricket Announcers Trying To Record A Broadcast Intro

I'm not entirely sure what this is, except that it came on my ESPN3 feed immediately after the end of Baylor's 66-61 win over UConn in women's hoops last night.

A few things are certain. It's a satellite wildfeed from Dhaka, Bangladesh, before the third day of a test match between Pakistan and the host Bangladeshi squad. The announcers are Sri Lanka's Ranil Abeynaike and Pakistani Mohammad Akram, working for what appears to be Dubai-based TEN Sports. A lot of this video features Abeynaike correcting Akram's mistakes, which suggests to me Akram is new to television. It's just really unclear why ESPN3 is broadcasting their aborted (and occasionally hilarious) attempts to record an broadcast intro about how the weather affects a cricket field.


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