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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Here's How Portugal's Late Equalizer Was Called By Portuguese Announcers

Portugal's last-second goal was heartbreaking for U.S. fans, but a glorious reprieve for the Portuguese. Here's our daily roundup of every goal scored, as heard by viewers or listeners in that country. Portugal's above, via RTP1 and Antena radio.

Belgium had its own late heroics. Here's how the goal sounded on its national La Une TV broadcast.

Algerian national radio is amazing; it's a shame those guys in the studio keep talking over the announcer's hysterical.. what is that, meowing? It's something, all right.

South Korea ended up on the wrong end of its score with Algeria, but two goals gave SBS's announcers something to get excited about.

And here's the U.S. goals, with ESPN on the left channel and Univision on the right.


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