Seahawks corner Richard Sherman is an NFL trash-talker ready-made for the internet age. He was one of the NFL's best defensive backs as a rookie in 2011, and yet he didn't register in the national consciousness until he threw a "U MAD BRO?" Tom Brady's way on Twitter in October.

Sherman had another excellent year on the field in 2012, and the rest of the Seahawks played just as well. It looked for a while that Sherman would be suspended after his urine tested positive for Adderall, but he dodged that one Week 17. And now he's in the playoffs, shutting down the Redskins and annoying the hell out of them, too. Tackle Trent Williams eventually decided to punch him in the face (see here) after the game ended. The video below explains why. All we'll say after watching it is that Sherman might actually find some use for Adderall.


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