Softball's been eliminated from the Olympics (mostly because the U.S. is too good at it) which makes the World Cup Of Softball the sport's premier international event. Last night's 3-0 championship win over Australia continued to prove American dominance in softball, and no play demonstrates it more than Michelle Moultrie's fifth-inning bases-empty bunt that led to the third U.S. run.

You could take the glass-full approach and call this an inside-the-park bunt home run, but we'll be more realistic and call it a rare four-base error. Either way, Moultrie's speed is astounding in a sport not known for its athleticism and it's hard to think of many athletes, male or female, who could round a softball diamond as quickly as she does. Seriously, watch it again, and admire the speed. [ESPN2]

h/t to Lynn