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Here's Ken Rosenthal Comparing The Sabermetrics Community To The Tea Party

Fox MLB reporter Ken Rosenthal was on the MLB Network today, talking about the Hall of Fame vote and bow ties and whatever else it is Ken Rosenthal likes to talk about these days. At some point, the conversation turned to Jack Morris and his continued inability to garner enough votes to get into the Hall of Fame. Rosenthal took the opportunity to shake his damn head at the sabermetrics community and its "over the top" campaign against Morris's Hall of Fame candidacy. And then he compared people who like sabermetrics to the Tea Party.


[15-minute long sigh]

We don't really need to explain why such an analogy is so stupid, do we? I mean, the Tea Party that Rosenthal is referring to is responsible for giving us stuff like this, whereas sabermetricians are simply baseball fans who like to apply things like math, logic, and quantitative analysis to the sport that they love. The two are very different.

At least he didn't call sabermetricians nerds who live in their mother's basements. So that's progress, maybe?